Plants (the trend today) are very popular and metalfree crowns on them. We have been focusing on our work with porcelain and therefor we do not offer any work with removable dentures. But in cooperation with another dental technician office we can offer Cresco and I-Bridge on implants that are a cheaper solution than a full porcelain work and often the only solution for some patients because of great decay in the bone that needs to be filled with plastic. We take care of the groundwork while the other office handles the bridge and plastic work.


Standard metalcrown.


Porcelain without metal. A coping is digitally scanned and the crown can be put on with the same pastes as a metalcrown.


Coping pressed out of a porcelain tablet, also applicable for ceramic inlays. The crown needs to be cemented with resin cement.


New and stronger generation of empress, strong enough for a three-unit anterior bridges. Chamfer margins are recommended. It is also recommended that you cement with resin cement.


Another new material from Ivoclar, perfect for fasettes, crowns inlays and onlays, with a minimum thickness of 0,5mm. It is very good for people with light teeths. Chamfer margins. Use resin cement.


A stronger metallic free porcelain, digitally scanned and is applicable for molars and larger bridges, shoulders don’t have to very deep. Can be cemented with the same cements as metallic crowns.


Shellcrown without metal, fits when the root color er good and there is little room(Sverker style). Resin cement.
IMPLÖNT- we have a great deal of experience with implants. Estetic abutment of Zirconia porcelain on ITI and Nobel.